Code of Ethics & Conducts Pledge
  1. We acknowledge ethics and morality as inseparable elements of doing business and we will test every decision against the highest standards of honesty, integrity, legality, fairness, and conscience.
  2. We shall conduct ourselves at all times, personally and collectively, so as to bring credit to the Hotel/Hospitality industry at large.
  3. We shall focus our time, energy, and resources in uplifting the status and image of the industry.
  4. We shall treat all clients equally regardless of race, religion, nationality, creed, gender, social standing or political persuasion
  5. We shall deliver quality and consistent service to each and every client.
  6. We shall, in words and deeds, develop and maintain the highest level of integrity, probity, trust, honesty, and understanding among our clients and the public at large.
  7. We shall endeavor to operate within the industry best practices and the laws in place.
  8. We shall adhere at all times to the seven tests for ethics as stipulated below;


  1. Is it legal?

  2. Does it hurt anyone?

  3. Is it fair?

  4. Am I being honest?

  5. Can I live with myself?

  6. Would I publicize my decision?

  7. What if everyone did it?


Information About Us

We are a professional body with membership is drawn from key individuals in the Hotel industry. It is registered under the Societies Act, with the aim to lobby and secure its members rightful place and offer a voice for professionals who are both active in service, retired or in consultancy with an extension to reach out and consider individuals from institutions of higher learning preparing undergraduates to join the industry.

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