Membership Criterion & Levels


AHPK understands that running a hotel is about far more than a comfortable night's sleep for guests. It is about the impacts of legislation and regulations governing the profession, and the need to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Our association is about what happens behind the scenes - what will make your destination run smoothly, be more cost-effective, and grow your profits.

As a member of AHPK, you will be part of an industry and communications powerhouse, gain access to key players and resources that drive the Hotel industry and benefit from a large growing team of individual hoteliers, corporates, chains, and training institutions.

The membership is drawn from professionals in managerial levels, working or consulting for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment, Events, Conventions, Cruise ships, Airlines and training institutions offering hospitality and tourism modules, in Kenya and beyond.

AHPK also welcomes affiliate members, individual hotels and restaurants, whether independent or chain-affiliated and stakeholders such as suppliers to the industry, Hospitality Training Institutions, Consultants and allied hospitality practitioners.

The membership gives and bestows status through the issuance of designators‟ letters to identify members as professional managers which accords them recognition by employers, colleagues, customers and stakeholders in general.


  1. Professional Recognition within the industry and beyond
  2. Job Placement and Networking
  3. Offering consultancy services by members
  4. Projects proposals for funding
  5. Sourcing and distributing internship slots to training institutions
  6. Establishing code of ethics and conducts
  7. Keeping members informed on emerging trends in the industry
  8. Members career planning intelligence
  9. Facilitate career talks
  10. Supporting members in handling labour related arbitration
  11. Offering professional and legal guidance to members on issues affecting the professional
  12. Career growth through sharing data and experience
  13. Undertaking research on areas of concern to the industry and using the results for the benefits of the industry
  14. Publishing association periodicals and magazines that encourage articles from its members on value adding and relevant topics
  15. Publishing a members’ and professionals’ directory for ease of networking and as a data bank for institutions seeking qualified professionals
  16. Leadership Opportunities that will make you eligible to participate in forums and volunteer groups that will give you the ability to advance your career while contributing your expertise to shape the profession.


Information About Us

We are a professional body with membership is drawn from key individuals in the Hotel industry. It is registered under the Societies Act, with the aim to lobby and secure its members rightful place and offer a voice for professionals who are both active in service, retired or in consultancy with an extension to reach out and consider individuals from institutions of higher learning preparing undergraduates to join the industry.

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