Association Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to:-

  1. Identify, promote and maintain the highest professional and ethical standards for management, consultants, researchers and trainers in the hotel industry.
  2. Participate and advocate on matters affecting the hotel industry
  3. Come up with a code of conduct, ethics and service charter that will lead to best practices in the profession.
  4. Promote the welfare of its members in line with the Government policies as per the Tourism Act and TRA Act
  5. Support hotel profession training institutions in curriculum development and career talks.
  6. Lobby for regulations and enforcement of minimum academic and professional standard requirements for professionals engaged to work in institutions that manage hotel and related hospitality facilities in the region.

Association Advocacy

  1. AHPK hopes to develop, advance and implement objectives of the Hotel industry as stated
  2. It works with government agencies at regional, national and county levels that include the tourism regulatory authority through lobbying, policy development, communications and grassroots advocacy.
  3. It aims at harmonizing the various programs developed and advanced by the respective county governments and other tourism promotion agencies, training institutions and hotel establishments.
  4. The association will seek collaboration with existing industry associations and corporate boards together with other organization that shares common goals.

Information About Us

We are a professional body with membership is drawn from key individuals in the Hotel industry. It is registered under the Societies Act, with the aim to lobby and secure its members rightful place and offer a voice for professionals who are both active in service, retired or in consultancy with an extension to reach out and consider individuals from institutions of higher learning preparing undergraduates to join the industry.

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