1. A voice for managers in the profession.
  2. A lobby group in collaboration and partnership with relevant industry agencies.
  3. Participate in regulation of industry performance
  4. Nurture and harness expertise and knowledge from the industry.
  5. Provide consultancy services within the hotel establishments
  6. Equip the hotel professionals with empirical research skills through seminars and workshops
  7. Provide a platform for research on new emerging trends
  8. Develop linkages for training and academic for the hotel industry development
  9. Affiliate and connect members to other similar associations.
  10. Promote and enhance the spirit and principles of CSR within the hospitality industry.
  11. A non-profit making, non-political and non-secular organization.

Information About Us

We are a professional body with membership is drawn from key individuals in the Hotel industry. It is registered under the Societies Act, with the aim to lobby and secure its members rightful place and offer a voice for professionals who are both active in service, retired or in consultancy with an extension to reach out and consider individuals from institutions of higher learning preparing undergraduates to join the industry.

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